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Experts beg forgiveness from this falsely accused killer…

by , 24 June 2014

Time Magazine always has a big influencer on the cover of its magazine and the latest issue was no different.

In fact, the latest issue sports a long-hated culprit that's making its way back into society. Experts are now actually pleading for forgiveness for falsely accusing it of being a killer by “implanting” heart problems into millions of people.

So who is it?

It's not a “who”; it's a “what”…

It's butter…

Confused? Read on to find out what we're talking about!

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Saturated fat isn’t the reason you have heart problems!

Branded as a “killer” for decades, saturated fats became the target of many health debates. “Experts” fought to have them removed from foods and the boom of the “fat-free” life began…
But now the truth has come out.
Saturated fats aren’t even bad for you say experts! The real killer and the reason behind the epidemic of people dying because of heart problems are processed foods and refined sugar!
And while butter makes a come back into society, there is one thing you need to remember…
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Eat too much of anything and it’ll make you fat and cause heart problems

It might not be bad for you to eat fat, but eat too much of a good thing and it becomes bad for you.
So by all means, eat butter on your veggies, but make sure you take note of the calories you’re eating! If you don’t pay attention to the amount of energy you’re taking in compared to the amount your body spends every day you’ll put on weight. And it’s this increase in weight that can cause an upset in your body and lead to heart problems.
Bottom line: Be savvy about what you eat and you’ll keep your body healthy overall!

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Experts beg forgiveness from this falsely accused killer…
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