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Even someone as tough as James Bond can suffer from heart problems…

by , 09 June 2014

One of the common types of heart problems is atrial fibrillations. Something 007 star Roger Moore suffers from.

This occurs when there's a signalling error in your heart and the two top chambers don't follow the regular beat of the rest of your heart. In fact, sometimes it doesn't beat at all and it simply quivers. It's a huge health problem!

This means blood doesn't pump through the rest of the heart and it doesn't pump through your body either.

Like Roger Moore, you might need a pacemaker to keep your heart beating normally, but it's wise to change your diet to protect your heart too!

Here are some foods you should avoid that can interfere with the regular beating of your heart…

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Avoid these foods, avoid impacted heart problems 

1.      Alcohol: Studies show that binge drinking leaves you with high risk of having an atrial fibrillation attack. That’s why it’s essential to avoid drinking alcohol if you have the condition, says Healthline.com.
2.      Caffeine: While there’s no association between drinking coffee and an attack of atrial fibrillation, it’s probably best to avoid drinking highly caffeinated drinks if you’re suffering from this type of heart problem.
3.      Salt: Salty foods are bad for your heart, period. So keep your foods tasty by using herbs and spices instead of salt. Watch out for those foods you don’t expect to contain lots of salt and always read the label to see how much the food contains.
4.      Vitamin K: This vitamin is good for you unless you’re on meds that prevent your blood from clotting, like warfarin. Speak to your doctor about the foods you need to avoid like green leafy vegetables that contain vitamin K.
Despite your heart problem, you can stay healthy. Just maintain a good diet and healthy exercise regime to keep your heart and health in top shape.
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Even someone as tough as James Bond can suffer from heart problems…
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