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Even if you don't have high blood pressure, you need to avoid eating too much salt, warn experts

by , 12 March 2015

So you're a healthy 40-something. You're still active and you feel like you're ageing well.

Your doctor even says your “numbers” look good!

· Your cholesterol is in check;
· You don't have high blood pressure; and
· Your weight is in the right category for your age and height.

But while you eat a relatively healthy diet, you're keeping one secret from your doctor.

He doesn't have to know that you add extra salt to your meals. Especially when your health checks out from all angles, right?

Wait! You might be on a path to destroying your health without even realising it…

New research suggests salt destroys your health even when you don’t have high blood pressure

Researchers form the University of Delaware recently concluded their study about the effects of salt.
And when they looked at what it did to healthy people, they were astounded.
Not only did the healthy participants not have high blood pressure despite eating a lot of added salt, but there were aspects of their health in distress because of the salt.
What’s worse is they didn’t even know what the salt was doing to them.
The researchers found evidence to suggest that the salt was affecting their eye health, their blood vessels and even their heart muscle. And while it may not cause immediate and chronic illness you can notice right now without scans and tests, the future of your health hangs in the balance because of it.
Also included in the study was people who don’t add much salt to their food, but they do eat a variety of foods with hidden salt. And this had the same effect on their health.
This because their daily salt intake was significantly higher than the daily recommended intake of 1,500mg.
This means, despite being the picture of health on the outside, your health isn’t what it could be.
And all you have to do to correct it is give up salt.
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Look for hidden salt in food and forget about adding extra salt to your meals to keep your health in check

You need to become more salt-savvy, say the experts. You need to make sure you’re checking your food for hidden salt and making sure you eat a maximum amount of 1,500mg a day.
And doing this is easier than you thought.
Just start eating more fresh protein, fruit and vegetables and ditch the processed, canned and packed foods!
This way you’re not only limiting your salt intake, you’re increasing your healthy nutrient intake. And that means even better chance of living a naturally healthier life as you get older. 

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Even if you don't have high blood pressure, you need to avoid eating too much salt, warn experts
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