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Even if you're on medication to lower your cholesterol, you need to change your diet

by , 10 June 2014

It doesn't help to keep eating the same foods that caused your cholesterol levels to rise in the first place. So even if you're on medication to lower your cholesterol, you need to take immediate steps to change your diet.

This because the only way you'll really be able to control your cholesterol in the long run is by eating foods that are healthy and good for you!

Use these four tips to protect your health by making an effort to naturally lower your cholesterol…

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It’s easy to lower your cholesterol! You just need to know how… 

#1. Not all fat is bad for you: The fats you get from eating animal products are saturated fats. These are the ones that, when you eat too many, lead to an increase in your bad cholesterol levels. But there are good types of fats. Unsaturated type you get from olive oil, avos and nut. So eat the good fats and cut out the bad!
#2. Measure with your hand: Portion size is extremely important not only when it comes to weight loss, but lowering your cholesterol levels too. One portion of meat should be about the size of your palm. Consistently eating more than that means your cholesterol levels can shoot up.
#3. Fibre is what it’s all about: Protect your gut from having to absorb too much fat by increasing your fibre intake. Eat more fibrous vegetables throughout the day to keep cholesterol absorption at bay and not only at dinnertime.
#4. Protect your arteries: Eat foods that protect your arteries from the inside. Foods like fatty fish that contain omega 3s are a great way to do this. [LINK]
Don’t let your meds to lower your cholesterol do all the work, put some effort in to changing your diet and you’ll be able to keep your cholesterol levels down in a natural way too.
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Even if you're on medication to lower your cholesterol, you need to change your diet
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