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European Society of Cardiology reveals: You're eight times more likely to die from heart failure if you take sleeping pills

by , 21 May 2014

With the everyday stresses you have in your life, you might need a little help sleeping through the night. And because sleep is so essential to your overall health, you might rely on sleeping tablets to help you.

But new research discussed at the Heart Failure Congress this month says taking sleeping pills might be worse for your health than lack of sleep.

This because of the effect benzodiazepines - the main ingredient in many popular sleeping pills - have on your heart and breathing rate. These changes mean you're more likely to suffer heart problems and even die because of it!

But you have other, more natural options… Try one of these three natural sleep aids for a good, healthy night's sleep.

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Ward off heart problems with these natural sleep aids 

#1. Calcium and magnesium: Calcium helps to keep your sleep cycle regular while magnesium is a muscle relaxant, says medicalnewstoday.com. So taking these two minerals together can help you sleep better. Health.com says to take 200mg magnesium and 600mg calcium every night.
#2. Wild lettuce: A wild lettuce supplement can help you sleep by lowering your levels of anxiety, restlessness and it even helps relax your muscles. You can take between 30mg and 120mg before bed every night.
#3. Hops: While a beer before bed may seem like a good idea, the alcohol may actually prevent you from getting good quality sleep. But that doesn’t mean the ingredient in beer doesn’t help you sleep! A hops supplement is great natural sleep aid and mild sedative. Health.com says you can take between 30mg and 120mg every night.
There you have it! There’s no need to put yourself at risk of heart problems because you can sleep. Use these natural remedies instead of chemical pills.
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European Society of Cardiology reveals: You're eight times more likely to die from heart failure if you take sleeping pills
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