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Enjoy your winter braai with these heart healthy tips from the American Heart Association

by , 27 May 2014

A braai in winter is just as great as the one you have in summer. Not only is it cosy around the fire, there's just something about being able to be outdoors in the cool winter's night enjoying something that's part of your heritage.

A braai, however, isn't typically a health meal choice. This because of the beer, fatty meat and sugary marinades that are part of lekker braai. But it doesn't have to be an unhealthy meal and, more importantly, a bland one if you opt to make healthier choices while braaiing, says the American Heart Association.

Here are three top tips for choosing heart healthy food while still cooking the way you love!

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Heart healthy food doesn’t have to mean you have to skimp on flavour 

#1. Braai fish in a piece of foil. Fish done on the braai is just as tasty as a piece of red meat. Cover it in foil with fresh herbs and lemon for a succulent, tasty piece of meat. The best fish for your health contains omega 3 fatty acids and you’ll find the highest concentrations in fatty fish like salmon, tuna and herring.
#2. Eat chicken on the braai. Cook your chicken on the braai with the skin on to keep the meat from drying out, but remove it once you’re ready to eat it to make it a super heart healthy food minus the fat. You can also cook it in foil like the fish if you prefer or make sosaties with vegetables for more variety.
#3. Use olive oil for everything. Instead of your creamy dressings, sweet marinades and unhealthy fats use olive oil to dress your veggies and salads and marinade your meat. It’ll be better for your health and just as tasty!
There you have it! Use these three heart healthy food tips for complete braai enjoyment any time of the year.
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Enjoy your winter braai with these heart healthy tips from the American Heart Association
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