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Eight small lifestyle changes that could help with your low blood pressure

by , 11 December 2013

If you're always feeling lethargic and you're as pale as a sheet, you could be suffering from low blood pressure. People with low blood pressure suffer from health problems, but the actual symptom of low blood pressure may not be a problem to your health, simply an inconvenience. If you suffer from low blood pressure, keep reading to help you make the changes in your diet that could lead you to living a healthy and normal life.

Slightly low blood pressure doesn’t pose too much of a health risk, it could actually be a benefit. 
People who are really fit usually have a lower than normal blood pressure, and it’s not a health concern. 
Your risk of stroke and heart disease are lower if you have low blood pressure. But some of the symptoms that come with having a low blood pressure may leave you feeling less than great. 
Low blood pressure could be detrimental to your wellbeing
If your blood pressure is low, you’re the kind of person who gets up quickly and sees little black spots in front of your eyes. 
It usually disappears in a short time while your heart compensates by pumping the blood a little faster to your brain. 
While not bad for your health, you’re left feeling lethargic, light headed and dizzy if your blood pressure is always low.
Add a few items to your life to change your blood pressure
Luckily, making the following lifestyle changes can change your blood pressure and bring it back to around the normal mark. 
· Add more salt to your diet
· Drink more water
· Stay away from alcoholic beverages
· Eat smaller more frequent meals
· Stand up slowly 
· Keep blood flowing through your lower extremities and keep them moving
· Exercise promotes blood flow
· Don’t lie in hot water baths for too long
Keep monitoring your symptoms. If you have no relief after changing your lifestyle, check in with your doctor. There may be an underlying condition causing your low blood pressure. 

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Eight small lifestyle changes that could help with your low blood pressure
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