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Eggs: Eat them poached, fried, easy over or boiled! But NOT like this…

by , 31 March 2016

- Eggs are back on the menu!
- New research finds eggs don't cause high cholesterol. But only if you eat them the right way.
- Here's how to prepare your eggs to avoid high cholesterol…

One large egg yolk contains a staggering 186mg cholesterol. That's the same amount you'd get in 6 tablespoons of butter!

So you can see why, since the 60s, eggs have had a seriously bad rap and were linked to heart disease!

But new research into cholesterol-containing foods proves the cholesterol in egg yolks doesn't actually clog your arteries.

That means eggs are back on the menu. And you can eat them poached, fried, easy-over or boiled!

But before you start exploring more ways of incorporating eggs into your daily meals, there IS one way you CAN'T eat eggs if you're trying to protect your heart…

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New research finds eggs don’t cause high cholesterol. But only if you eat them the right way…

A recent review of the link between cholesterol and heart disease found that previous research wasn’t accurate. And eating cholesterol-rich foods don’t cause heart disease. Well, not healthy ones, like eggs at least!
And you can eat two eggs a day without worry, says the new guidelines by the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee in America.
But you have to eat them whole.
You see, the moment you break the yolk and expose it to high temperatures, the saturated fat starts to oxidise. This creates free radicals that harm your arteries and cause cholesterol plaques to stick to their walls. That means scrambled eggs and omelettes are out.
But there are plenty other ways to enjoy eggs.
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Here’s how to prepare your eggs to avoid high cholesterol…

The easiest ways to cook your eggs to keep the yolk from oxidising is to fry them in a little olive oil, boil or poach them.
Don’t stress too much if the yolk breaks. Your body can handle a small amount of free radicals from time to time!
So, now you can add eggs to your daily meals without worrying about the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease.
To your good health,
Vanessa Jackson
Managing Editor, Dr Golding’s Natural Health Dossier
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Eggs: Eat them poached, fried, easy over or boiled! But NOT like this…
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