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Eat foods containing vitamin B12 to ease the symptoms of low blood pressure

by , 27 February 2014

Low blood pressure is seldom serious, but episodes may affect your day-to-day life. It can leave you feeling light-headed, dizzy and nauseous. But there's a simple solution, and it involves changing your diet. Foods that contain the vitamin B12 help to improve the health of your blood cells, and normalise your blood pressure. So include these types of foods in your daily diet.

Blood pressure maintenance needs healthy blood cells; a vital function of vitamin B12 
One of the biggest causes of low blood pressure is anaemia. Your blood cells aren’t able to keep your blood pressure up in your arteries. So you need to increase your intake of vitamin B12 to keep your blood cells healthy. 
The best way to get your daily dose of vitamin B12 is through your diet. And there are a lot of foods that you can eat to get this vitamin. 
Breakfast cereals are a good source of B12, but make sure they fortified types so your body is able to use the vitamin immediately. So start your day with a healthy bowl of cereal with yoghurt to take control of your low blood pressure symptoms.
Other food sources that contain this vitamin are beef liver, Swiss cheese, milk, tuna, yoghurt, trout and clams. 
Take folate along with vitamin B12 to manage your low blood pressure 
To really get the best benefit of B12 from all the foods you eat, get your daily dose of folate too. There's a complex interaction between B12, folates and iron that keeps your blood healthy. But a balanced combination of these three sources is essential to combat your low blood pressure. You can control your low blood pressure if your blood production is healthy! 
Take control of your low blood pressure by eating foods that contain vitamin B12. Live your life symptom free and get your daily dose of vitamin B12 through your diet. 

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The answer is simple.

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Eat foods containing vitamin B12 to ease the symptoms of low blood pressure
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