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Drink coffee and tea on a cold winters morning to warm up and improve your health

by , 27 June 2014

For many years, people believed that drinking coffee and tea was bad for you health.

It's in fact, to the contrary!

Both of them are great for your health and they provide a variety of health benefits. In particular, we'd like to focus on how they can help you ward off heart problems.

Here's why drinking coffee and tea is good for your health…

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Keep heart problems at bay by drinking a warm drink

As long as you’re not adding tons of heaped spoons of sugar to your tea and coffee or whipped cream and syrup to those lattes, these warm drinks can be quite beneficial to your health.
Both coffee and your regular types of tea contain caffeine. Caffeine contains compounds that prove beneficial to your health instead of destroy it as was once thought.
And your regular, caffeinated, roasted blends of coffee are the best for your heart health, says research.
It also matters what tea you drink. It’s the black and green tea varieties that provide the most benefit to your health as they contain antioxidants, says Lifescript.com. These help your body fight inflammation, one of the precursors for heart problems.
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As you can see it’s a myth that your favourite hot drinks cause heart problems

While caffeine doesn’t cause heart problems, it’s useful to remember that it does cause a sudden increase in your heart rate, which you’re likely to feel. But doctors confirm that it’s not a lingering risk for causing high blood pressure or any permanent heart problems.
So don’t feel guilty when you indulge in one or more cups of your favourite hot beverage this winter. It’ll not only warm you up, it’s good for your health too. 

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Drink coffee and tea on a cold winters morning to warm up and improve your health
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