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Don't let your heart pop like a big balloon because you didn't control your blood pressure

by , 04 February 2014

Think of your heart as a large balloon… Now mentally squeeze the balloon a bit, and then a bit harder and keep squeezing. Can you see how the balloon is trying to compensate for the added pressure by trying to push some areas out of your hands? These areas get bigger right? Well, it's the same with your heart. If you don't treat your high blood pressure, you're looking for trouble!

You need to control your blood pressure. Whatever it is you need to do, it just needs to be under control!
Like a big balloon, when you keep putting pressure on it, there are areas that get bigger than the others in an attempt to compensate for the added pressure. 
And like the balloon, you heart can’t take the pressure forever. It will get weak and “pop”.
A healthy diet can help you control your blood pressure
Firstly, find out if you have high blood pressure. Doctors refer to high blood pressure as the “silent killer” because there are so many people who don’t know they have it. Then one day, boom! You have a heart attack or stroke for “no apparent reason”.
Now that you know you have high blood pressure, you need to work on lowering it!
Follow a diet that’s low in salt and unhealthy fats! And make sure you’re eating lots of fruit and vegetables that help lower your blood pressure naturally. 
There are plenty of foods that’ll help your lower you blood pressure. Here are five items to add to your diet to help keep your blood pressure under control. 
Getting regular exercise helps you to lower your blood pressure
Men and women who are physically active have a generally lower risk of having high blood pressure according to WebMD
All you need to do to get your blood pressure under control is get 30 – 60 minutes of exercise, three or four days a week. You don’t even need to do strenuous exercise either. 
Try things like walking, swimming, jogging and riding a bike. 
A healthy diet and a lifestyle incorporating regular exercise can lead you to live an overall healthy life. And as a bonus, it helps control your high blood pressure too!

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Don't let your heart pop like a big balloon because you didn't control your blood pressure
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