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Don't let elevated blood pressure and cholesterol rob you of your future health

by , 18 June 2014

Millions of people walk around with elevated blood pressure and high cholesterol. They either don't know they have it, or they don't take the necessary steps to control it!

Both these conditions, which are closely related, have a huge and serious impact on your health.

Your heart can't work under the pressure they place on it and, one day, it'll just give up… And it might be too late to do anything about your health after that.

That's why you need to go to your local pharmacy and have these two essential screening tests done today!

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Protect your health: Control your elevated blood pressure and cholesterol 

Check for elevated blood pressure: The nurse at your local pharmacy will be able to do a quick check of your blood pressure. She’ll check what your systolic and diastolic pressures are and give you further advice on what to do about improving your health.
The good thing about finding out early on if you have elevated blood pressure is that it’s easy to treat. You can take control of your blood pressure before it affects your heart!
But don’t stop there…

Make certain you check your cholesterol levels too as this might be the cause of your elevated blood pressure 

Check your cholesterol: This is another simple test you can do at the pharmacy clinic. It involves taking a finger prick drop of blood and, depending on the results, the nurse can refer you for further tests.
It’s essential to check your cholesterol as it may cause your arteries to block and increase your blood pressure.
You’re also able to naturally lower your cholesterol levels with a change in your diet and lifestyle before it causes you to suffer from permanent heart problems.
So make a trip to the pharmacy during your lunch break and have these two tests done asap. 

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Don't let elevated blood pressure and cholesterol rob you of your future health
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