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Don't ignore these unusual symptoms! They'll help you recognise a heart problem

by , 20 May 2014

Everydayhealth.com says the first signs and symptoms you typically feel when having a heart attack will be the last! This because many people don't think the early warning signs their body sends them relates to a heart problem and they ignore them. It then seems very sudden when you experience a full-blown heart attack and many people don't recover from it…

For this reason, it's essential to know the signs to look out for that signal a heart problem so you can make changes to prevent further damage.

Today, you'll learn about three common signs that could mean you're suffering from a heart condition.

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Pay attention to the early warning signs that signal you may have a heart problem 

#1: Sudden weight gain and water retention: When your heart isn’t pumping at its full capacity, it means it’s no longer able to pump all the blood around your body. To lighten the load, your vessels shed “water weight” and this deposits in your tissues. You’ll typically see a difference in the diameter of your ankles and wrists and you’ll carry more weight around your abdominal area, including in the area of your lower back.
#2: Needing to go to the toilet more often: Along with your body depositing more fluid in your tissues, it also tries to excrete more water. You go to the toilet more often to get rid of water to lighten the load on your heart.
#3: Coughing at night: Another place your body gets rid of water is into your lungs. The more water that builds up in your lungs, the more you’ll struggle to breathe. At night when you’re lying down, this fluid makes you cough.
Do you have any of these symptoms? You should make and urgent appointment with your doctor so he can check your heart before things get worse!
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Don't ignore these unusual symptoms! They'll help you recognise a heart problem
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