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Do you understand why your heart is beating so quickly?

by , 20 June 2014

One of the most common, but quite dangerous heart problems is atrial fibrillation.

What happens is that your heart doesn't beat regularly and it starts beating erratically. The top and bottom chambers of your heart, which normally beat one after the other, have no rhythm and this could be very dangerous for your health.

Typical symptoms you'll feel are an uncomfortable feeling in your chest, feeling faint and short of breath and you're likely to feel a quivering or irregular sensation in your heartbeat.

And while the symptoms can last for ten minutes or 24 hours, it's essential you know what to do in the situation.

Here's what you need to do…

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Don’t let your heart problems go undiagnosed! 

1.Have your heart checked: If you’re frequently having strange sensations in your chest, have it checked by a doctor. You’re at greater risk of developing blood clots, so you might need medication to help prevent that.
2.See a specialist: While your GP will know what to do for your irregular heart beat it’s best to see a specialist. He can make sure there aren’t any other immediate dangers because of your heart problem. Don’t take this health issue lightly!
3.Take your medication: The meds you get aren’t just for when you’re having an episode. So don’t think that you’re “better” because you’re not having symptoms. Rather stick to taking your meds until your doctor says otherwise.
4.Keep a journal: Make a note of what you were doing before your symtpoms started, what they feel like and how long they last for so you can take the record to your doctor.
5.Know when it’s an emergency: Make sure your loved ones know when to call an ambulance and that they know how to do CPR. If you lose consciousness, can’t breathe or show the symptoms of a stroke you need to get to a hospital fast.
You can live a relatively normal life with this type of heart problem as long as you keep your health in check!

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