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Ditch those meds and exercise your way to better heart health

by , 07 October 2013

Are you at risk for a stroke? Do you suffer from hypertension? Are you worried about your family's history of heart disease? If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you're probably taking (or thinking of taking) heart medication to keep your heart healthy. But before you pop another pill, pay attention to what new research out of London and the US is saying…

A paper published in the British Medical Journal suggests “physical activity can work better than medicines prescribed for heart and stroke patients,” reveals Press TV.

This after researchers from three leading institutions (LSE Health, Harvard Medical School and the Stanford University School of Medicine), observed nearly 340,000 patients to assess the effects of exercise compared with heart medication in reducing the risk of dying from heart problems.

The findings were impressive…

Study reveals: Exercise is as beneficial – if not more so – than drug treatment for heart disease and strokes

Researchers looked at four heart conditions during the study: Secondary prevention of coronary heart disease, stroke rehabilitation, heart failure treatment and the prevention of diabetes.

The result?

According to medicalnewstoday.com, they found “no stastically detectable differences between exercise and drug interventions for secondary prevention of heart disease and prevention of heart disease”.

Essentially, what this means is that exercise is as good as drugs in the prevention of these conditions. And when it comes to stroke, the results showed that exercise was actually better

The reason?

According to Dr Jonathan Wright, the natural health specialist behind Nutrition & Healing, one of the reasons might be because exercise helps you blow off steam and prevents anger outbursts.

While the study is the first to compare exercise to heart medications, the findings aren’t surprising. After all, study after study has shown that “exercise can slash the risk of heart disease and add years to one's life,” adds health.com.

So if you’re worried about your heart and want to live a longer, healthier life, get moving. By walking just 60 to 90 minutes a week, you could cut the risk of heart disease significantly – without the use of heart meds.

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Ditch those meds and exercise your way to better heart health
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