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Did you ever think sugar could be your heart's worst enemy?

by , 16 September 2014

It's essential to think about sugar and the effects it has on your overall health, not only your waistline, warn experts.

While it has a huge impact on the growing obesity epidemic, there are many more links between sugar and chronic illness!

For example, a recent study has found a direct link between sugar and your heart health!

The Atlanta study is one of a few of its kind and is significant because it shows that sugar increases your chance of dying from heart disease.

Looking at the results, it's clear that you need to pay attention…

Study confirms you eat way too much sugar every day

The long-term 15-year study, which combined the results of three different studies, showed the sugar calories consumed by 43,000 people.
10% of them ate more than 25% sugar calories every day; a significant amount more than the standard set by the World Health Organisation of between 5% and 10%.
But there’s something even more shocking that came out of the study…
71% of people eat between 10% and 25% every day!
And this increases your risk of dying from heart disease 30%!
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What is it about sugar that destroys your heart health?

Before this study, there weren’t many other studies like it, so there was a fair bit of speculation involved in the role sugar has on the death rate from heart disease.
Was it that people ate too many empty calories when eating sugary foods?
It seems it wasn’t!
Study participants also filled out a healthy eating survey. Many of them were within the normal range of the Healthy Eating Index and were eating enough other foods to balance their nutrition.
So why then is your risk of dying from heart disease so high when you eat a high sugar diet?

Sugar has a stress effect on your heart

A Cleveland Clinic study shows the effects of sugar on your heart health and why it has the potential to kill you.
It revealed a molecule – glucose 6-phosphate – that comes from sugar when your body digests the food it contains.
This tiny molecule stresses out your heart muscle. It decreases the muscle function and, when it accumulates in the blood, it can cause heart failure.
So where does all this added sugar come from?
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37% of the added sugars you consume comes from drinks

Drinking just three sugar-sweetened drinks a day means you consume on average 30g more than your daily allowance of sugar. And that’s not including all the other sugar you have during the day from hidden sources.
The second highest source is from grain-based desserts like sweet pies, doughnuts, pastries and cookies, which came in at 14%.
Next is fruit juice at 9%, desserts containing dairy like yoghurt, custard and ice cream at 6% and confectionary like chocolates and sweets at 5.8%.
But there’s one thing you can do to save your heart health…

Change your diet to protect your heart health

Always consider the effects of sugar on your heart health when you choose the foods you eat and drink.
Change your diet to keep your sugar intake to the maximum of 90g a day and protect your overall health.

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