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Diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? Here's how to help lower your blood pressure and keep your heart rate steady…

by , 17 May 2014

Atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the top two chambers of the heart don't work cohesively with the bottom two chambers. And this causes a heart disorder called arrhythmia. This is when the heart beats too fast or irregularly.

When the heart beats too fast, it can cause heart failure. And that's why it's critical to keep your blood pressure and heart rate from spiking. Here's how your diet can help you do this…


This enzyme is so powerful it sends patients with congestive heart failure into remission...

This enzyme is one of the top 10 remedies sold in Japan. It's also widely used in part of Europe. And no wonder! It has been used as a treatment for the early stages of congestive heart failure when used in high enough dosages. It actually improves the function of the healthy part of the heart and it also slows the damaging effects of high LDL cholesterol. And although some health-care providers are finally acknowledging its benefits, many people still haven't even heard of it.

Why is it not more generally used in this country if it's so effective?

The answer is simple.

It's not going to make anyone a lot of money. Not doctors. Not pharmaceutical companies. Not the media. Nobody! And let's face it. Pharmaceutical giants don't want their customers to reverse heart damage with an easily obtainable, affordable alternative to their expensive prescriptions. Why would they? It's bad business! 

But you can find out all about this vitamin-like nutrient and what type of food to eat along with it to make it work best for you. Find out here...

Avoid these five foods to control your blood pressure level and your heart rate

These are the foods you should stay away from to help lower your blood pressure and keep your heart rate steady:
  1. Caffeine: It can increase your heart rate and bring on an episode of arrhythmia.
  2. Alcohol: Avoid more than one drink per day.
  3. Salt: it can result in elevated blood pressure which can also bring on arrhythmia.
  4. Tyramine: Foods that contain tyramine include cured meats, mature cheese, fava beans and fermented cabbage.
  5. Medications: With any heart condition, you have to always double check with your doctor before you take any prescription, over-the-counter or natural medicine. There are a number of these that can affect your blood pressure as well as your heart rate. They could also interact with other medicines or food and put you at risk for heart failure.

Lower your cholesterol levels by 42%
Reduce your risk of heart disease by 35% and cancer by 30%...
Without visiting your local pharmacy

You can decrease your chance of ever needing another cholesterol drug again by 42%...

Reduce your risk of heart disease by 35%... And reduce your risk of cancer by 30%. All without taking a trip to the pharmacy to get those side-effect causing pills...

All you’ll ever need to prevent heart disease, cancer, high cholesterol and other life-threatening diseases can all be found in one aisle of your local supermarket.

Click here to find out more.

Watch what you eat to prevent making your heart condition worse

With heart problems, you really have to watch what you eat. Anything that can trigger an episode of arrhythmia could result in heart failure. And just one of those episodes could spell the end for you. No food is worth that.

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Diagnosed with atrial fibrillation? Here's how to help lower your blood pressure and keep your heart rate steady…
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