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Diabetic with elevated blood pressure? Try cinnamon, says the Journal of the American College of Nutrition

by , 10 June 2014

A study in 2006, posted in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, found that cinnamon is particularly helpful in treating diabetics suffering from elevated blood pressure.

And while the link wasn't clear in this early study, further studies showed that cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels. This is particularly important if you have diabetes!

When you eat food-containing sugar, your body absorbs the sugar into your blood and it reacts by releasing insulin. But as a diabetic, your cells don't react to insulin as well as they should, so the cells don't use the sugar and it ends up floating around in your blood.

This causes huge problems in your blood vessels. It increases the inflammation which leads to vessel wall damage.

Because of this damage, plaques form to keep the vessel from breaking. These narrow the vessels and increases the pressure through which your blood must flow.

So by regulating your blood sugar, cinnamon helps to lower your blood pressure indirectly too.

Here's what you need to know…

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Use cinnamon bark to regulate your blood sugar and lower your blood pressure

You need to use cinnamon sticks/bark to reap the health benefits. The ground kind you’d find in the spice section at your supermarket doesn’t provide you with these.
So buy cinnamon bark and grate it in your cereal or when you’re baking. Put the sticks into pies or other savoury dishes or simply put a stick into your tea and let it seep for 15 minutes to add flavour and health.
There you have it! Cinnamon is a delicious and easy way you can control your diabetes by regulating your blood sugar, but it’ll help you to indirectly lower your blood pressure too!
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Diabetic with elevated blood pressure? Try cinnamon, says the Journal of the American College of Nutrition
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