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Depressed? Your risk of a heart attack just doubled

by , 25 June 2014

Researchers from the Emory University in Atlanta recently concluded a study on depression and the link with heart problems.

They found that middle-aged women have twice the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke when depressed than their male counterparts or older women with the same condition.

And this, say researchers, could be one of the leading reasons that women have a higher risk of dying from heart problems than men do!

So what can you do to lower your risk and live a healthy life?

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Treat your depression and lower your risk of heart problems

Researchers don’t know the exact link between depression and heart problems, but they believe it has to do with two things:
1.    Hormone imbalances in the brain that cause depression and lead to heart problems.
2.    Inflammation that either causes both the depression and heart problems, or inflammation increasing as a result of depression, which in turn increases the risk of heart problems.
And while researchers figure out how to combat the risks of both these conditions, you can change your diet and lifestyle to improve your overall health…
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Change your life to fight depression and heart problems

If you suffer from depression, it might make it hard for you to get up and start your day. But the best thing to do is to get out of bed and get into the sun. Not only is this a natural way to improve your mood, it’s good for your heart health too.
You should also make sure you’re eating foods that help you to fight the inflammation in your system. Many foods that help to boost your mood are also good for your heart. Things like chocolate, tuna, spinach, broccoli and tomatoes, says WebMD.com.
So look after your mind and your heart to beat depression and ward off heart problems at the same time. 

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Depressed? Your risk of a heart attack just doubled
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