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Cutting back on salt is easy when you use these four tips

by , 01 July 2014

So you have elevated blood pressure and your doctor has told you to cut back on your salt intake.

It seems easy enough to do at first, but when you take that first mouthful of bland, unsalted food you physically need to stop yourself from spitting it out.

Now what? How do you go from eating salted foods all your life to eating the bare minimum of salt every day?

We'll tell you how!

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Cut back on salt to reduce your elevated blood pressure the natural way

There’s no reason to eat bland food for the rest of your life just because you need to cut back on your salt intake. There’s a far easier way to keep your foods tasty and interesting without using heaps of salt!
Just use these four tips to transform your foods and tantalise your taste buds without one grain of salt and without impacting on your already elevated blood pressure.
#1. It’s all about the herbs and spices: Walk into the spice isle of your local supermarket and you’ll wonder where to start! How about with the basics? But nutmeg, cumin, parsley, dill, oreganum, sage, thyme and paprika.
As you start experimenting with flavours you can go back and get different ones!
#2. No kitchen should be without onions and garlic
You’ll add such a great flavour to your foods with onion and garlic. So don’t be shy to use them in all your favourite dishes.
#3. Just a few drops of lemon juice go a long way: Want to add more acidity to your dish without using salt? Try lemon juice, says WebMD.com. Add a mixture of lemon and honey to completely change the flavour adding a sweet, sour flavour to your dish.
With these tips, you won’t even miss your salt! Start experimenting with different flavours today to keep your meals interesting and your elevated blood pressure at levels it should be.
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Cutting back on salt is easy when you use these four tips
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