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Cut down on fried foods - they contribute as much to high blood pressure as stress does!

by , 29 April 2015

It's well-known that fried foods are a big cause of high blood pressure. But did you know that the risk is as great as that of stress?

Dr Gregory Harshfield from the Georgia Health Sciences University recently uncovered that stress and fried foods contribute equally to high blood pressure.

In the study, which looked at the lifestyles of young adults, he explains exactly why this is the case. Read on to find out more.

Shocking finding: Feeling stressed and eating fried foods increase your sodium (salt) levels by the same amount

In his study, Harshfield divided participants into two groups. The first group consisted of “unstressed” or “mildly stressed” people. The second consisted of “stressed” or “severely stressed” people. 
The first group ate small portions of fried food every day whilst the second followed a healthy, low-salt diet.
At the end of the study , Harshfield performed blood tests on all participants. After observing their sodium levels, he came to an unexpected conclusion…
Sodium levels were pretty much equal amongst all participants!
Surprised? We were. 
After all, everyone knows that stress is bad for you. Same as everyone knows that a high-salt diet is bad for you. However, Harshfield points out his study uncovers that both are equally bad. 
And, sodium levels contribute greatly to high blood pressure
Harshfield explains that when you feel stressed, your body holds onto salt. When you eat fried foods such as a small portion of fries or four chicken nuggets, you get the same amount of salt.
So imagine eating fried foods when you’re stressed? One word: Danger! (And isn’t fast food the first thing you reach for when you’re in a hurry and “don’t have” time for something else? Are fatty snacks the thing you crave most when you’re on deadline and just need to go, go, go?)
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High sodium levels are dangerous but treatable

High sodium levels can ultimately lead to severe heart health risks. Heart attack and artery blockage are the main two.
However, there’s a quick and easy way to fix dangerous sodium levels. 
Adopting a strictly low-salt diet is the answer. This means cutting down on processed foods, restaurant foods and all fried foods. If you’re worried that your current diet might be slightly high in salt, chat to your doctor. 
Especially when you’re stressed, try to cut out high-salt foods. Opt for steamed veggies and grilled meats instead. 
There’s no harm in making small changes to lower your sodium levels which, at the end of the day, depicts your heart disease risks.

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Cut down on fried foods - they contribute as much to high blood pressure as stress does!
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