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Could your PTSD be affecting the health of your heart?

by , 02 January 2014

Untreated Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is bad for your health say recent studies. They are still determining what the link between PTSD and the heart is. But anyone who is suffering from PTSD should get treatment immediately. Identifying whether you need to seek help is the first step, and we are here to help you!

Experts at the University of California are at it again. Researching this time why those with PTSD appear to have failing hearts.
While research continues, it’s important to seek treatment if you suffer from PTSD, so that you can save your heart from the stress too!
Anyone can suffer from a traumatic event in their life; it’s not only war veterans and soldiers that get PTSD.
The sudden death of a loved one can make you feel helpless and overwhelmed. Two of the main issues which are the start of PTSD. 
Normal reactions to trauma which could be the start of PTSD
After any traumatic event, there will be feelings of helplessness. You may feel crazy, numb or disconnected from what you used to love. 
These feelings usually subside, but if they don’t, seek help. 
Knowing when it might be PTSD
There are three main signs to look out for which will signal PTSD. 
1. You re-live the traumatic event constantly.
2. You completely avoid reminders of the trauma.
3. You become very anxious and emotional to a point where this can be debilitating. 
Everyone reacts to traumatic events at different levels. And in the same breath, the severity of an incident will be different for different people. 
Make sure you know the warning signs. If you’re unable to go on with your normal daily activities following a traumatic event, seek help. Your heart will surely appreciate it too. 

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Could your PTSD be affecting the health of your heart?
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