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Cholesterol: The highs and lows explained

by , 04 February 2014

Cholesterol has a very bad reputation. You're always trying to lower yours so you don't get all those nasty diseases that high cholesterol causes. But did you know that there are health issues that come along with having too little cholesterol too? Here are the facts about high and low cholesterol levels.

You sure do need to control your cholesterol levels! You don’t want fatty plaques blocking your arteries causing problems with your heart…
But cutting out all of the fats that cause cholesterol might be just as bad for you as having high levels of cholesterol!
There are health issues that arise from having too little cholesterol too!
High cholesterol vs. low cholesterol: The health problems associated with each
Having high cholesterol puts you at a greater risk of stroke and heart disease. It’s a simple case where the fatty deposits block your arteries and there’s increased pressure against which your heart has to pump. 
It causes problems with your blood flow and blood pressure, and you’re more likely to have a higher risk of having a stroke and heart disease if you suffer from high cholesterol. 
But what about low cholesterol? 
Because it’s essential to keeping your brain healthy, disorders of having too little cholesterol include:
· Increased risk of depression
· Increased risk of suicide
· Could cause violent behaviour and aggression
· Increased risk of cancer and Parkinson’s disease
Balancing your cholesterol levels means eating good fats
To maintain your body’s cholesterol levels at a good and healthy level you need to include fat in your diet. So make sure you’re cutting the bad fats in your diet and including lots of the good fats. Foods that contain good fats are things like avos and nuts!
Keep your heart and brain healthy by maintaining the right cholesterol levels in your body. And check out this article – it’ll help you determine whether or not your cholesterol is too low or too high.

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Cholesterol: The highs and lows explained
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