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Cholesterol: How low is too low?

by , 03 December 2013

Let's face it: The medical world gives more attention given to high cholesterol than low cholesterol. But like any other biological marker, there's always a range that's “too high,” “too low,” or “just right.” So that begs the question, can you cholesterol be too low? According to leading natural health specialist, Dr Jonathan Wright, it can be….

“I’m not denying that having high cholesterol carries a risk for heart disease. I’m just saying that many people probably don’t know that low serum cholesterol may also carry risks,” Dr Wright recently told his Nutrition & Healing readers.

This because steroid hormones such as DHEA, oestrogens, progesterone and testosterone contain a single starting material: Cholesterol. And cholesterol is a key component in every cell membrane in our bodies.

And that’s not all, there are some real health dangers that put you in danger when your cholesterol’s too low.

Revealed: The health dangers you face when your cholesterol is too low

According to the Mayo Clinic, low levels of cholesterol (we’re talking about LDL or good cholesterol) can increase your risk of:

This is especially true if your cholesterol suddenly drops significantly, without any other explanation.

So as you can see, it’s important not just to make sure your cholesterol isn’t too high but to ensure that it isn’t too low either.

And Dr Wright has the answer to doing just that.

How to get your cholesterol to the correct levels

High cholesterol is anything above 5.1mmol/L (micromol per litre). Dangerously low cholesterol, on the other hand, is below 3.6mmol/L.

To get your low cholesterol back in the healthy range, Dr Wright recommends you supplement with 50mg of manganese citrate once or twice a day. Once your level returns to normal, you can cut your dose to 10mg to 15 mg daily.

So there you have it. Cholesterol isn’t all bad – so make sure you have the right amount to ward off these health dangers.

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Cholesterol: How low is too low?
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