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Children's Hospital confirms your child must get enough sleep to prevent future heart problems

by , 23 May 2014

One of the only studies of its kind recently determined why it's so important for your child to sleep. Researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children followed six-month-old babies until they turned seven years old, recording their sleeping habits, height, weight and body measurements.

The results were astounding.

The quality of sleep when you're younger not only affects your childhood health, but your health when you're an adult too. If your child has constant interruptions when they're sleeping, they're likely to be overweight and have higher risk of stroke and heart problems when they're adults.

The importance of getting your child to sleep the right amount each day is clear. Use these tips to keep your child healthy.

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Here are two tips to get your child to sleep and, in doing so, prevent future heart problems and protect their overall health 

1.      Regulate sleep and meal times: Children of all ages need a set schedule to get their body into a rhythm. They’re still learning about what being tired means and they need help from you as a parent.
Be strict about meal and sleep times until a pattern forms. After that, you’ll be grateful to have put in the effort.
2.      Limit distractions at bedtime: Instead of letting your child fall asleep in front of the TV, put them to sleep in their bedroom. The distraction of the TV may keep them awake longer than they should be. This leaves them overtired and prone to disrupted sleep. If they insist on watching TV, use it as a reward for getting them to bed. Take the reward away when they don’t comply with sleep time.
Once your child gets into a sleep pattern, it’ll be hard to change. So make sure it’s the right one in the first place and protect them from future health and heart problems.
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Children's Hospital confirms your child must get enough sleep to prevent future heart problems
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