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Cheating on your diet by eating a burger? Use this trick to keep your heart healthy

by , 04 September 2014

Cooking mince meat causes a huge surge of inflammation within your body. This, as the National Institutes of Health explains, because meat gives off lipid peroxides while cooking. And then, when they reach your stomach, they promote it to give off even more!

This causes inflammation as your body tries to normalise the "intrusion" of these compounds.

Inflammation leads to heart attacks and other illness related to heart disease. That's why experts say hamburgers are so bad for you.

But there's a simple trick that can "neutralise" this threat on your body and keep you safe from heart disease.

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Add avocado to your hamburger to prevent heart disease

Simply slice an avo onto your hamburger and it magically saves your health from the devastating effect the hamburger alone can cause.
Ok, it's not magic!
Avos contain such a high concentration of antioxidants that it keeps the inflammatory responses in your body at bay. They perform their duties so your body doesn't have to go into stress mode to cope with the changes.
In a study, there was a significant increase in inflammatory pathways in people who ate just a meat hamburger. Four and six hours after eating the meal, inflammation was still increasing.
But when participants had just 68g avo on their burger, there was no sign of these changes. And this despite the increase in calories and fat avo contains.
So when you decide to "cheat" on your diet and choose to eat a hamburger, make sure you have it with a couple slices of avo so it doesn't leave you at greater risk of heart disease.

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Cheating on your diet by eating a burger? Use this trick to keep your heart healthy
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