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Can you feel your heart beating? That may not be a good thing…

by , 03 June 2014

As strange as it might sound, you're not supposed to know your heart is there. Put it this way, it should simply carry on with its essential processes without you having to think about what it's doing and whether it's doing its job correctly.

What then, does it mean when you're sitting at your desk at work trying to meet that illusive deadline and you feel the sensation deep within your chest?

Well, it's simple. Your body is trying to tell you something; and it might be a heart problem. Here's why you should listen to it!

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Feeling your heart beat could mean you have a heart problem

1.      Skipped beats: Many people’s hearts occasionally skip a beat. And while it’s not serious when it happens off and on, when it happens all the time it could mean big trouble. If you feel multiple skipped beats and are dizzy or anxious when it happens, check in with your doctor.
2.      Racing heart beat: If you’re exercising and your heart rate is through the roof, it’s normal. But a racing heart beat you can feel while you’re sitting or doing a normal day to day activity might be a serious problem. Go to the doctor immediately if your heart starts racing without explanation.
Pay close attention to these irregularities, especially when coupled with these symptoms…

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Watch out for heart problems when you experience these symptoms

·         You find it difficult to catch your breath and there’s a tightness in your chest
·         You’re sweaty but your skin is cool and pale
·         You feel dizzy or have a headache
·         You’re anxious without explanation
Don’t take your heart for granted. Unless you’re doing something that causes your heart rate to increase, take note of these signs and symptoms. It’s your body’s way of alerting you that something may be wrong. 

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Can you feel your heart beating? That may not be a good thing…
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