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Can standing in the sun lower your blood pressure?

by , 27 January 2014

Almost a third of global deaths relate to heart disease and stroke. And one of the biggest culprits? Blood pressure. High blood pressure to be exact! So it's little wonder scientists are trying to find out as much as they can to lower the general populations' risk of dying from heart disease and stroke because of high blood pressure. In the latest health news, they're discussing how a little sunshine in your life can help lower your blood pressure.

For centuries lower blood pressure has been all about finding the perfect pill to fix all ailments. And Mother Nature took a back seat. 
Well, now she awakens out of a deep slumber, and scientists are looking to her for answers to treating and curing many diseases. 
Sunlight found to treat high blood pressure
According to studies, sunlight reacts with a nitrous oxide molecule in your skin and helps lower your blood pressure. And what’s so interesting about this little molecule found in your skin, is that a spray they give you when you’re suspected of having a heart attack, contains a nitrous substance!
Amazing, that simply standing in the sun has a potential to lower your risk of heart disease and stroke!
Research determines an increase in high blood pressure in countries with less sunshine
The research conducted at the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh in the UK also suggested that countries with less sunshine per year, had patients with higher risk of high blood pressure
Are you feeling a little more grateful about living in a country where one thing we don’t lack is sunshine!
But while sunshine is great for your health, we don’t recommend you spend long periods in the sun unprotected. 
Remember to get your daily dose of sunshine in short burst and, at all other times, wear a cap, sun cream and cover up as much skin as you can to decrease your risk of skin cancer

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Can standing in the sun lower your blood pressure?
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