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Can't seem to manage your cholesterol? It could be because you're eating these five foods!

by , 10 February 2014

Have you recently been to the doctor only to discover that what you thought was a “healthy diet” has left you with a soaring cholesterol level? Don't be disheartened. There are some common everyday foods you're eating that are likely causing the problem. And it's a problem that's easy to fix. Here are five foods you must avoid to bring your cholesterol levels down.

Managing your cholesterol is as simple as managing your diet. 
And if you suffer from high cholesterol or you have a family history of high cholesterol, your diet is even more important! 
If your diet is already quite healthy, make a few small changes to your diet to bring your cholesterol levels down.
Avoid these five foods and bring your cholesterol levels back down to normal
And luckily it’s really not difficult to cut these foods out of your diet; all you need to do is replace them!
1. Drinks with sugar in them: Don’t drink too many sugary cold drinks or fruit juices, drink water to quench your thirst instead.
2. White flour in bread and starchy foods like rice and potatoes: Avoid eating processed carbohydrates and starchy foods; rather try “ancient grains” for a nutritious alternative.
3. Fatty red meat: There’s a lot of fat in red meat so rather eat lean protein like chicken or turkey.
4. Fried fish: All the oil in fried fish kills the good nutrients, so eat grilled, freshwater salmon or tuna instead
5. Excessive alcohol: Only drink in moderation and have no more than two units a day!
Don’t put your body at risk of all the nasty diseases that come along with having high cholesterol! Eat the right foods, and eliminate the bad! And don’t forget to get regular exercise so you’re giving your body the extra help it needs to keep your heart healthy. 

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Can't seem to manage your cholesterol? It could be because you're eating these five foods!
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