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Can a zebrafish help you heal your heart?

by , 29 July 2013

An amazing animal is helping researchers in the fight against heart disease. The zebrafish is a strange, transparent creature that can heal its own heart. In fact, the zebrafish can lose up to 20% of its heart without permanent damage. It can put a broken heart back together in eight weeks flat. What can you learn from the zebrafish about keeping your own heart healthy? Read on to find out…

The zebrafish is helping Oxford University learn what makes heart strong, reports New Scientist. Scientists know the zebrafish inside-out – which is pretty easy to do, because the zebrafish is see-through.

Zebrafish can heal their own hearts (Image from http://www.fishforpharma.com)But how can the zebrafish improve your heart health? Scientists are still in the early phases of researching how they can pass on its amazing heart healing abilities to humans.

But before then, there’s something you can do to keep your heart healthy…

The zebrafish can heal heart damage, but YOU can prevent it…

If your heart is healthy now, here’s how to keep it that way.

Your heart muscles are always working. In fact, your heart will probably beat over 2 billion times in your lifetime. If your resting heart rate is higher than the average 60-80 beats per minute, you may have atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is when the heart works so hard that the arteries harden and become brittle. You want to keep your heart vibrant and flexible to stay healthy.

Luckily, you can lower your resting heart rate with exercise.

Even light exercise can help improve your fitness and lower your resting heart rate. Light exercise counts as working out at about 50% to 60% of your maximum exercise potential.

If you want to improve your heart health and be as resilient as the zebrafish, lowering your resting heart rate and staying fit is the perfect solution. 


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Why is it not more generally used in this country if it's so effective?

The answer is simple.

It's not going to make anyone a lot of money. Not doctors. Not pharmaceutical companies. Not the media. Nobody! And let's face it. Pharmaceutical giants don't want their customers to reverse heart damage with an easily obtainable, affordable alternative to their expensive prescriptions. Why would they? It's bad business!

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Can a zebrafish help you heal your heart?
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