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Bust stress and boost your heart health with these three foods

by , 01 July 2014

Sitting down to a cup of warm tea or eating a bowl of steaming oats is enough to help you relax. But little did you know, these foods literally act on your body and help it to beat stress, not just because it feels good while eating them, they actually influence your stress hormones.

And stress is a real killer. It causes processes to take place in your body that increase the amount of inflammation in your system. This is what could be the cause of serious heart problems later in your life.

So don't you think it's a good idea to eat as many stress busting foods before it has a chance to ruin your life and your health?

Here are three foods that do just that.

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Foods that keep heart problems at bay also beat stress

#1. Tea: Feeling stressed? Have a cup of black tea. Research shows that people who drink four or more cups of tea a day have less stress hormone cortisol in their systems and they feel calmer and more in control compared to others who drank another drink.
Just watch the amount of sugar you put in your tea. Having too much sugar causes inflammation and will defeat the health benefits of the tea.
#2. Foods with good fats: Nuts and avos are great stress busting foods! They contain healthy fats that not only lower your cholesterol, they help keep your arteries healthy and thus keep heart problems at bay despite the effects stress might have on them.
While they contain good fats, make sure you take into account their calorie value. Eating too much of a good thing can make it unhealthy.
When you’re under a bit of stress, instead of reaching for those unhealthy foods, reach for these instead and you’re bound to feel much better. 

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Bust stress and boost your heart health with these three foods
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