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Bring your heart rate up slowly if you exercise and suffer from heart problems

by , 13 June 2014

If you have heart problems, your doctor has probably told you that you need to start exercising to strengthen your heart. And while it may seem like the strain of exercise is any thing but good for your heart, it's an essential part of maintaining your current health and improving that of your heart.

But you can't just put on your takkies and start sprinting down the road. Your heart won't like that at all!

Instead, take the time to warm up before you start your exercise routine. This means your heartbeat can increase slowly instead of having to comply with a sudden demand for blood to other parts of your body.

Use these three warm up techniques so your heart doesn't suffer…

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If you have heart problems, it’s essential to warm it up before your workout 

1.      Roll your ankles: In a seated position with your back straight, stick out one leg and roll your ankle on one leg and then repeat with the other. Start with five rolls per side and work your way up to ten.
2.      Hip flexing: Stay seated with your back straight. Bend your legs at 90 degrees and engage your stomach muscles. Lift your left knee up to the ceiling then lower it. Do the same with your right and continue alternating legs until you’ve complete ten reps on either side.
3.      Arm circles: While you’re still sitting, straighten your arms out at your side with your palms pushed outwards. Make little circles with your hands, moving your entire arm. Do ten forwards and ten backwards.
As you can see, these are very simple exercises to do just to warm up your body. So remember to do them before your workout, especially if you suffer from heart problems.
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Bring your heart rate up slowly if you exercise and suffer from heart problems
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