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Breakthrough heart-critical co-enzyme CoQ10 supplement ups absorption

by , 07 January 2013

Research has long shown that co-enzyme Q10 (CoQ10) can help you avoid illness. But if you're over 40, you'll have found that cheaper supplements of CoQ10 that use the ubiquinone enzyme are more difficult to absorb. The effect is weakened further if you take statins, as these have been found to block the body's natural production of CoQ10. This means it never actually reaches the cells that need it. Luckily, Dr Tatsumasa Mae has the answer - ubiquinol.

CoQ10 is made naturally by your body and it’s available as a food supplement. Little wonder, as it prevents an impressive array of diseases and bodily dysfunction. When your body’s CoQ10 levels run low, you age faster and are more prone to catching illnesses. As we age, the amount of CoQ10 the body produces starts to decrease, often leading to heart failure. 
Statins are good for the heart, not for CoQ10
Many people take statins to lower cholesterol. But these block natural production of CoQ10 in the liver. Little wonder then that CoQ10 supplements are becoming popular, with many of the cheaper supplements using a cheaper form of the enzyme called ubiquinone. Sadly, this is difficult for the body to absorb.
Following 10 years of research, Japan’s Dr Tatsumasa Mae has developed the answer – ubiquinol. It helps you absorb eight times more CoQ10 than regular, store-bought supplements. This means you’ll have more energy, better protected arteries, more anti-ageing benefits for your entire body and better protection against the effect of taking statins.
Ubiquinol has been tested in over 1 000 published trials and proven to be completely safe. FSP Health also offers the Solgar coenzyme Q10 supplement through its partnership with Health Works – click here to order!

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Breakthrough heart-critical co-enzyme CoQ10 supplement ups absorption
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