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Breaking news: Sugar is worse for your heart than salt

by , 19 September 2014

An article written by Cardiologist Dr James DiNicolantonio, published in the American Journal of Cardiology this week, has tongues in the medical research world wagging furiously!

Not only is he saying salt might not cause high blood pressure, he's saying sugar DOES!

In the first part of his statement, he refers to a recent French study on 9,000 people. Incredibly, researchers found no link between salt and high blood pressure.

He goes on to say, it seems the very successful anti-salt campaign - started in 2004 - has been somewhat misguided. And like the recent revelation of fat and it's health BENEFITS, salt might not be as bad for you as once thought. Or in particular, not be so devastating on your heart health and blood pressure.

In fact, collective data analysis shows that sugar could replace salt as the cause of such devastation to your heart health.

And while he doesn't dispute the link between salt and blood pressure, despite the recent French study, he says sugar might play an even bigger role.

Here's why…

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Sugar, not salt, is destroying your heart health without you even knowing it

Dr DiNicolantonio says it’s the simple sugar fructose that’s influencing your heart health.
And an independent small-scale study proves what he is saying is true.
48 people took part in the University of California study. Researchers had the participants “wean” themselves from sugar for five weeks and then divided them into three groups. One group ate 25% of their daily calories from fructose-rich foods. The second group ate 25% of their daily calories with high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) foods, while the third group ate glucose-rich foods as 25% of their daily diets.
In just two weeks, researchers saw noticeable results.
The two groups eating either high fructose foods or HFCS ones had three of the most common heart disease markers in their blood.
1.    An increase in low-density (or bad) cholesterol.
2.    Higher amounts of free fatty acids.
3.    An increase in apolipoprotein-B – a protein that causes fatty plaques to build up in artery walls.
That’s scary…
Remember the article on how bad HFCS is for your body?
As you can see, it’s worse than we ever thought. And sadly, you can also find it in foods you’d never consider there to be added sugar in!
And that’s why, this new information about how it affects your heart is incredibly valuable.
So much so, you need to cut back on your sugar intake or your heart will suffer!
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Break the cycle of sugar addiction to improve your heart health

It’s essential to replace the usual sugary foods you use in your every day life with ones that are healthier for you and also take the necessary steps to break your sugar addiction.
Just making a few simple changes in your life and your eating habits can save your life!

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Breaking news: Sugar is worse for your heart than salt
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