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Breaking news: Protect your heart with a Mediterranean diet!

by , 26 February 2013

We've long known a Mediterranean diet offers health benefits. Now, research shows that a Mediterranean diet is also the secret behind preventing heart disease and will get you to live longer! Here's how you can make the switch to a more heart-healthy diet today…

A study on the effectiveness of eating a Mediterranean diet to protect your body from heart disease has proven so effective that the researchers immediately started following the diet themselves.
And the study ended early, after almost five years, because the results were so clear that it was considered unethical to continue.
Here’s how your heart will benefit from eating a more Mediterranean diet
That’s because they found about 30% of heart attacks, strokes and deaths from heart disease can be prevented in people at high risk if they switch to a Mediterranean diet, reports the New York Times.
Other research has shown people who follow a Mediterranean diet tend to live longer, says Health Bytes.
But that’s not all.
Studies show that following a Mediterranean diet also protects against the development of metabolic syndrome, some types of cancer, obesity, Type II diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, says WebMD.
Stock up on these aspects of the Mediterranean diet to reap the health benefits!
To reap the health benefits, you should switch to a diet rich in olive oil, nuts and even wine, says a video by ABCNews.
And while there’s no set ‘Mediterranean diet’ that all Mediterranean countries follow, they all focus on foods that are fresh, seasonal whole foods.
They’re not processed, and the preparation methods tend to be simple.
If you’d like to follow a similar diet, remember that you’ll have to stick to the health basics of fruit and vegetables as only small amounts of saturated fat, sodium, sweets, and meat are part of the plan, adds WebMD.
One final component of the Mediterranean diet lifestyle!
But it’s not just about the food.
A truly Mediterranean 'diet' also includes leisurely dining and regular physical activity.
So take your time, enjoy your food and remember to exercise – you’ll soon be living a healthier lifestyle with less risk of health issues!

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Breaking news: Protect your heart with a Mediterranean diet!
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