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BPAs don't just cause cancer, they put your heart at risk too!

by , 03 July 2014

It's taken a number of years, but plastics producers are finally getting rid of the chemical bisphenol A (BPA) in many of their plastic products that we use for food and drink storage.

This because of what they do to your health and how they destroy it without you even knowing.

The main concern about BPAs is cancer, but it has a strong link to heart problems too, says rodedalenews.com. In fact, a recent journal article in the PLoS ONE says that BPAs can cause an irregular heartbeat!

And while you're probably drinking out of a glass water bottle or one that swears to be free from BPAs, you might not know the other culprits in your kitchen that contain them…

Keep reading to discover how you can protect yourself and your family from these chemicals that ruin your health.

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Protect yourself from BPA related heart problems by refraining from using these three products

#1. Plastic water bottles: Don’t reuse your plastic water bottles unless they guarantee they’re BPA free. Rather decant your water into other containers that you know to be free of the chemical.
#2. Plastic wrap: This also contains BPAs! And the shocking thing about BPAs is they leach into fatty foods. So wrapping your cheese or meat in plastic wrap could mean you’re eating them without knowing.
Instead, keep your food in bowls that are deep enough so the plastic wrap doesn’t touch the surface of the food.
#3. Canned goods: Canned foods could also contain BPAs, says research. So instead of keeping lots of canned goods in your home, try using fresh produce more often. If you do use canned goods, decant the leftovers into another chemical free bowl immediately.
Minimise your risk of heart problems and other health issues by eliminating your use of BPA containing products. 

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BPAs don't just cause cancer, they put your heart at risk too!
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