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Blood thinner Warfarin could cause your stroke NOT prevent it!

by , 31 January 2014

Many people take the blood thinner warfarin to help guard against heart problems. However, a new study suggests using this medication links to a temporary spike in the risk of stroke.

In fact, according to this study, within the first month of using warfarin, atrial fibrillation patients were nearly twice as likely to suffer a stroke compared to patients who didn't use the drug. Here's why…

Why taking Warfarin could increase your stroke risk 
Typically, if you thin your blood, your stroke risk is supposed to drop. And that’s why doctors prescribe warfarin for patients with atrial fibrillation. 
Now it seems as though Warfarin doesn’t actually lower your risk. It increases it!
But researchers have an explanation as to why. They say when patients begin using warfarin; the drug can actually cause blood to become “sticky”.  The opposite of what a blood thinner is supposed to do!
They call this temporary state “hypercoaguability.”. But the damage can be permanent.
Fish Oil: A safer solution to lower your stroke risk
Nutrition & Healing’s Dr Wright has warned readers against the use of warfarin for years. He speaks out on the risk of dangerous bleeding when taking warfarin.  Other potential risks include osteoporosis, arterial calcification and even gangrene!
His solution?
Fish oil
Dr Wright believes 1½ tablespoons of fish oil twice daily is enough to thin the blood. Make sure you add vitamin E in the form of mixed tocopherols as well, so it overcomes the oxidisation caused by fish oil.
There you have it.
If your doctor recommends warfarin, speak to him about using fish oil as a safer alternative to help thin your blood and prevent stroke.
Seven times stronger than statin drugs and safer than a sugar pill
Dr Wright has been successfully treating patients with a common natural substance. In fact, when independent researchers tested it against costly statin drugs like prevastatin, lovastatin and simvastatin... It proved seven times better... Find out more here…

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Blood thinner Warfarin could cause your stroke NOT prevent it!
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