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Black cumin could lower high blood pressure in just eight weeks…

by , 10 January 2014

If you're taking a prescription diuretic or ACE inhibitor for your high blood pressure, you may be experiencing these side-effects: Dizziness, nausea, depression and fatigue. But the news gets worse; a recent study found that ACE inhibitors could even increase breast cancer risk. Discover how you could treat your hypertension without these potential side effects here…

The Asian seed that could drop your blood pressure in just eight weeks! 
In the double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study (the gold standard of research), Iranian researchers asked 70 participants, between the ages of 34 and 63 with high blood pressure, to supplement with Nigella sativa seed oil or a placebo for eight weeks.
Nigella sativa is a beautiful flowering plant that grows across Asia. You may know it by its more common names: ‘Black seed’ or ‘black cumin’. There’s an old Islamic saying that ‘black cumin can cure everything but death itself’, and it’s been used for centuries to help treat everything from food allergies to cancer.
In the Iranian study, the participants who took just 5ml of black cumin oil per day slashed BOTH their systolic and diastolic blood pressure in just eight weeks. 
Imagine being able to control your blood pressure control without any side effects? 
Well, now this may be possible. And that’s not all. Throughout the entire study, lasting eight weeks, none of the volunteers reported any side effects. 
You can buy black cumin supplements from any good health shop and the best part is; it’s relatively inexpensive. Finally, you could gain control of this silent killer without feeling terrible all the time!
Blood Pressure Lowering Effect of Nigella sativa L. Seed Oil in Healthy Volunteers: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-controlled Clinical Trial: (onlinelibrary.wiley.com)
This enzyme is so powerful it sends patients with congestive heart failure into remission...
by Antoinette Pombo
This enzyme is one of the top 10 remedies sold in Japan. It's also widely used in part of Europe. And no wonder! It has been used as a treatment for the early stages of congestive heart failure when used in high enough dosages. It actually improves the function of the healthy part of the heart and it also slows the damaging effects of high LDL cholesterol. And although some health-care providers are finally acknowledging its benefits, many people still haven't even heard of it.
Why is it not more generally used in this country if it's so effective?
The answer is simple.
It's not going to make anyone a lot of money. Not doctors. Not pharmaceutical companies. Not the media. Nobody! And let's face it. Pharmaceutical giants don't want their customers to reverse heart damage with an easily obtainable, affordable alternative to their expensive prescriptions. Why would they? It's bad business! 
But you can find out all about this vitamin-like nutrient and what type of food to eat along with it to make it work best for you. Find out here...

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Black cumin could lower high blood pressure in just eight weeks…
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