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Being married lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease by 12%

by , 14 May 2014

Who knew that being married could actually be good for your health. Not just your health, but your heart health!

It's true! Studies show being married lowers your risk of developing heart problems by 12%. You're lowering your risk by doing nothing. And simply being close to and loving someone else saves the health of your heart…

But researchers say it has to do with your age too. If you're younger than 40, you have the highest protection at 12%. Couples in their 50s your risk dwindles to 7% and, by the time you're in your 60s, you're at 4% lower risk of heart problems.

So what is it about couples that keep their hearts healthy? Read on to find out…

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These three aspects of your married life are the reason you’re less at risk of heart problems 

#1. Your support structure is better: You’re less likely to suffer from constant emotional and physical stress as you have someone to share your daily stresses with. This means there’s less inflammation taking place in your body and you have a lower risk of heart problems.
#2. Your lifestyle is healthier: Whether you realise it or not, being married makes you generally healthier, says knowmore.tv. You go out less and frequent bars and restaurants less. Studies have seen a changing trend in couples that in the past used to carry more weight than singletons. These days, couples motivate one another to work out and eat healthier foods!
#3. You stick to your health check-ups: Having someone to remind you about your health check-ups and doctors appointments means you’re more likely to receive treatment for any illness sooner than those who do go.
There you have it! Add an extra item into the pro list of getting married! It’s great for your heart.
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Being married lowers your risk of cardiovascular disease by 12%
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