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Before you start taking new medication for your heart problem, ask your doctor these 15 questions!

by , 26 May 2014

It's good to trust your doctor with his diagnosis, but it's also a good thing to be inquisitive about your health. If your doctor diagnoses you with a condition and prescribes you with chronic medication you need to ask as many questions about it as you can.

Many people simply take handfuls of medications every day and don't quite know what they're for or whether they're taking them the correct way! And if you have a heart problem this could be fatal!

Take a greater interest in your health and remember to ask your doctor these 15 questions before you leave his rooms with your script.


Are you ready to kiss your heart disease GOODBYE by unlocking the SECRETS mainstream medicine doesn't want to reveal?

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Ask these 15 questions to ensure you take your heart problem medication properly

1.      Is it essential for me to be on chronic medication or do I have other options for effective treatment.
2.      What is the drug and what is it supposed to do?
3.      Do I need to take it for life, or is there a point at which I can re-evaluate whether I need it or not.
4.      Where is the best place to get more information on my medication?
5.      How will I know if the medication is working?
6.      How long will it take to see an improvement in my symptoms?
7.      What happens if I forget to take my tableta?
8.      What are the results of the studies done on the medications and is it the best medication for my specific condition?
9.      Are there any side effects I should expect?
10.  Is the drug addictive?
11.  Do I need to eat before I take my medication?
12.  Is there a risk for it changing something about other meds I’m taking?
13.  Should I avoid eating or drinking anything while on this medication?
14.  What happens to the drug if I develop another condition?
15.  Should I take any other meds to help this one work?
There you have it! Know precisely what you’re taking and how it’ll work for your heart problem.
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Before you start taking new medication for your heart problem, ask your doctor these 15 questions!
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