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Before you drop that Jaeger into your Red Bull, read this

by , 02 June 2014

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks can be deadly, warn researchers. The high volume of caffeine, sugar, plant sources of energy like guarana and alcohol cause heart problems.

And despite the numerous articles posted about the threats on your health after drinking these types of drinks, youngsters still continue to do so. In fact, the Centre for Disease Prevention and Control report around 37% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 choose alcoholic energy drinks over other drinks.

But why is the combination so deadly? And what should you drink instead?

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How you drink alcohol can lead to heart problems 

The combination of all the ingredients in the energy drinks when combined with alcohol is what causes heart problems. Because your body prioritises alcohol metabolism over the ingredients in the energy drink, ingredients like caffeine, sugar and guarana simply float around your system waiting for their turn for digestion. And this is what causes an exponential effect on your heart.
Your heart begins to beat faster and skip beats. You’ll feel the palpitations in your chest because of it, reports the Daily Mail. You’re six times more likely to feel your heart skip beats compared to those drinking beer, for instance.
And while palpitations on their own may not be something to worry about, researchers report that your risk of suffering from a heart attack significantly increases for up to an hour after drinking a combination of alcohol and energy drinks.
So what should you drink instead?

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Drink alcohol responsibly to prevent heart problems 

First and foremost, always be responsible when drinking alcohol. Drink in moderation and choose types that contain the least alcohol per volume.
If you intend drinking stronger types, refrain from mixing them with energy drinks and rather mix them with a soda or water where possible.
Protect your heart and be aware of your health when you’re out having a good time. 

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Before you drop that Jaeger into your Red Bull, read this
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