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Beat stress and wipe out your heart disease risk with this simple everyday habit

by , 05 September 2014

Do you:

· Sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic every day, cursing at taxis while they change lanes and squeeze into the tiny gap in front of you?
· Feel your heart rate rise and your palm start to sweat when you have to get up and do a presentation at work?
· Have to meet weekly deadlines that seem to only come together the day before?
· Rush around collecting your children from school and ensure they're well taken care of?

If you answer “yes” to even one of these points, you suffer from stress.

It might not be enough stress to leave you feeling hopeless and burnt out, but even small amounts of stress have detrimental effects on your health.

We recently wrote an article about how stress is a leading cause of heart disease. Not only does it lead to long-term heart failure, but high stress levels leave you with a 38% higher risk of having a heart attack than those with low stress levels.

But luckily, there's a simple everyday solution that packs a double-punch and will help you beat stress and lower your heart disease risk by 40%!

Do THIS every day to improve your heart health

Here’s the first punch this simple everyday habit will deliver:
A recent seven-year long study by Oxford University found that by changing one daily habit, you can dramatically lower your heart disease risk.
A small group of the almost half a million participants held the answer: They ate 150g or more fruit a day, every day.
Researchers also noted that the more fruit they ate, the lower their heart disease risk was.
Then a study that showed how fruit helps lower your stress level delivered the second powerful punch…
*********** Reader’s choice ***************
Boost Heart Health with These 8 Essentials
A biochemist at the University of California has identified the eight essential antioxidants to combat heart problems.
Antioxidants are a big factor in heart health. They fight free radicals and the oxidation of bad cholesterol. Each of these eight antioxidants specifically strengthens heart health.
One can be found in everyday foods like oils, nuts, and meat. It's been shown to reduce heart disease rates by 40%.
And there’s more! Discover all the details on these and more, HERE.

Eat 150g of citrus fruit each day to bust stress and keep heart disease at bay

A German study posted in the journal Psychopharmacology showed that vitamin C helps ease stress by helping your body bring blood pressure and the stress hormone cortisol levels back to normal faster.
The easiest vitamin C-rich citrus fruit to get your hands on at the moment are oranges, naartjies and grapefruit. But remember to look for vitamin-C packed foods to add to every meal.
Here are five fruits that are high in this heart-helping, stress-busting vitamin:
·         Strawberries;
·         Pineapple;
·         Kiwi fruit;
·         Mango; and
·         Pawpaw.
So kiss stress and heart disease goodbye with this simple everyday secret.

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Beat stress and wipe out your heart disease risk with this simple everyday habit
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