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Beat high blood pressure with these three foods

by , 11 June 2014

Living with high blood pressure may not feel any different to how you'd normally feel, but the damage it's doing to your health is significant.

And while you think you feel normal now, once you begin controlling your elevated blood pressure, you'll notice how much better you feel.

So how do you control your elevated blood pressure?

Through these simple diet changes of course…

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Beating elevated blood pressure is easy when you know how 

Eating the right foods can help you to lower your blood pressure and take control of your overall health. Add these to your daily diet today…
Beetroot: These veggies are high in potassium – a mineral that’s essential to the good health of your heart. Add them to your diet by grating them into a salad, add them to a stir-fry or chop them to add to your roasted vegetables.
A study done at the London Medical School noted that people drinking beetroot juice had a massive ten-point drop in their blood pressure within 24 hours!
Dairy products: People who eat low-fat yoghurt are 16% less likely to develop elevated blood pressure, says a study published in the Journal of Human Hypertension. But those eating high-fat dairy products like cheese and ice cream saw no benefits.
So eat low-fat yoghurt that doesn’t contain added sugar to keep your heart healthy.
Flaxseed: These little seeds contain a healthy helping of omega 3s that keep your heart and arteries healthy. But they contain magnesium too, something that’s essential to keep the balance of other minerals in your body in check.
Make sure you grind the flaxseed before you add it to your food or the whole seeds may simply pass out the other side and provide you with no benefit.
Add these blood pressure stabilising foods to your everyday diet to keep your heart and overall health in check.
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Beat high blood pressure with these three foods
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