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Avoid these three foods to naturally lower your blood pressure

by , 09 June 2014

There are two important facts you need to know about your blood pressure. The top number, your systolic blood pressure, is a representative of the pressure of your heart when it contracts and forces blood through your blood vessels. This pressure is likely to increase if there's a blockage in your blood vessels or there's too much fluid pulled into your blood vessels…

The other number, your diastolic pressure, is the pressure within your heart when it relaxes between beats.

It's important to keep this pressure at its optimal level because too much pressure means there's a problem with the emptying of your heart and not enough fresh blood comes in for the next beat.

But how do you lower your blood pressure without having to worry about taking dangerous medications?

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 Naturally lower your blood pressure by eliminating these foods from your diet

#1. Salty foods: A study done by scientists at the University of Hong Kong found that patients with high diastolic blood pressure had more salt in their urine than patients with normal blood pressure. This indicates that salt affects your diastolic pressure more than your systolic. The American Heart Association says you should only eat one teaspoon of salt a day to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure.
#2. Sweeteners: A study done at the Imperial College in London showed that drinks containing sweeteners have a significant impact on your blood pressure. But one of the most interesting results that came out of the study, was that foods and drinks containing fructose lead to an increased blood sugar.
#3. Fatty foods: The journal Hypertension posted that eating too many fatty foods causes your blood pressure to increase.
So make the changes to your diet today and naturally lower your blood pressure.
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High blood pressure increases the risk of a heart attack as much as five times! And, it increases your risk for stroke by ten times.
That’s not all…
Uncontrolled high blood pressure can also cause:
·         Organs, like your kidneys and eyes to weaken
·         Blockages in the brain that can lead to stroke
·         Increased risk of metabolic syndrome
·         Reduced short term memory or dementia
·         A loss of bone density
Controlling your high blood pressure is the best way to protect yourself from the possible consequences of these life-threatening conditions.
Learn to dramatically lower your blood pressure and how you can get the health and confidence you need to live your life the way you want to live it.

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Avoid these three foods to naturally lower your blood pressure
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