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Attention men: Don't let your wife fake another headache. Your life could depend on it!

by , 21 August 2013

If you're a man you've probably heard these words: “Honey not tonight, I have a headache”. It's perhaps the most common excuse women use to get out of having sex when not in the mood. If your partner tells you those words once again, tell her your health is on the line. Here's why…

Everyone knows the old joke about women faking headaches to get out of their husband's lust for bedroom antics. But carnal desire isn’t just the simplest form of ‘animal instincts’, it’s a basic need. It’s an absolute necessity to keep the human race alive and it could actually keep you healthier too, says Nutrition & Healing.

Dr William Douglass of The Douglass Report reveals the heart-health benefits of having sex, especially if you’re a man.

Having sex could help protect your heart

If you want to protect your heart, spend more time in bed with your other half.

Give that mattress a workout because a new study shows men who have sex at least twice a week have half the risk of heart disease compared to those lonely souls who do it once a month or less, says Dr Douglass.

And if you think the men who do it more often have a lower risk because they’re healthier to begin with, you’re wrong.

Researchers adjusted for risk factors like age, weight and blood pressure and found that plenty of steamy sessions still made all the difference in the world.

Dr Douglass explains that the results aren’t surprising.

It doesn't take a genius with a research grant to figure out that lovemaking is more than just a sweaty diversion. It’s mankind’s oldest wonder drug and men and women alike can share the benefits, he says.

For instance, steady intimacy can help you reduce stress, fight pain and energise your immune system. As a result, your body is more capable of fighting cold and flu. “Forget flu shots, the best injection takes place in the bedroom,” says Dr Douglass.

The worst side effects: Happiness and physical exhaustion.

Just don’t supplement with risky behaviour, always practice safe sex. And if your partner gives you the famous three words tonight, show her this article. Your life depends on it.

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Attention men: Don't let your wife fake another headache. Your life could depend on it!
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