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Attention heart patient: The secret to reversing heart disease lies in garlic!

by , 24 April 2015

A new study conducted at Harbor-ULCA Medical Center led by cardiologist Matthew Budoff has come to a mind-blowing finding…

Aged garlic extract can stop your heart disease from progressing and, in some cases, reverse it altogether!

If you suffer from heart disease and want to take control of your condition, you have to continue reading.

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New study proves that aged garlic extract can reverse heart problems

The study involved 72 heart patients. Head researcher, Dr Budoff, started by taking CAT scans of all participants. He then concluded that each one had blockages of at least one major cardiac artery. 
Next, he told half of the participants to take two pills of Kyolic Aged Garlic Extract each day (one in the morning and another in the evening). The other participants took placebo pills.
After one year, Dr Budoff repeated the CAT scans and discovered that those who took the garlic experienced extreme regression of arterial plaque. The plaque build-up in patients who took the placebo got worse.
“Our study demonstrated the benefit of this supplement on both plaque changes over time and preventing new plaque formation,” Dr Budoff Newsmax Health.
He adds that his team has completed four randomised studies to date, and all have led to the same conclusion: Garlic extract is beneficial for slowing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and reversing the early stages of heart disease.

Where you can get your hands on aged garlic extract

You can purchase aged garlic extract supplements at any pharmacy or health store, or even online. And don’t worry – it’s completely odourless and doesn’t cause bad breath like raw garlic!
“Few therapies have even been able to slow or stop hardening of the arteries, so I consider aged garlic extract to be an elite class of treatment to potentially reverse the process of heart disease,” Dr Burdoff says.
He suggests taking 1,200mg per day, split into morning and evening doses.

The mechanism behind the garlic’s effectiveness

Although Dr Burdoff states that this is still unclear, he urges all of you heart patients out there to incorporate this magic natural supplement into your life! 
With such amazing benefits, you’d be silly not to.

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Attention heart patient: The secret to reversing heart disease lies in garlic!
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