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Are you thinking about getting an e-cigarette to help prevent heart disease? Think again…

by , 23 May 2014

E-cigarettes were a big craze when they first launched a few years ago. They're supposed to be safer for your lungs and heart than cigarettes. This because, you inhale vaporised nicotine instead of smoke fully loaded with poisons.

But the jury is still out on this matter.

Here's why…


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Studies show e-cigarettes may not protect you from heart problems and other illnesses

According to the American Heart Association, smoking is the leading preventable cause of premature death. And for years, doctors have warned that smokers often develop heart problems.

This is what may have prompted you to switch from normal cigarettes to e-cigarettes in the first place. But new studies are showing you may not be any better off.

Even though e-cigarettes don’t contain tobacco and other poisons, most still contain nicotine. In a report by the American Society of Cell Biology, researchers point out that nicotine, regardless of how you inhale it, could still cause heart disease.

In another recent study, researchers from the US found the vapour from e-cigarettes could also strengthen bacteria in the body, making it more resistant to antibiotics – just as real cigarettes do.

While another study showed the higher-voltage e-cigarettes can produce unusually high levels of the carcinogen formaldehyde.
So the only ‘safe’ thing to say is that e-cigarettes may not help prevent heart disease or any other disease!

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The only real solution to preventing heart conditions is to stop smoking completely!

If you still smoke – stop completely.

Don’t fool yourself thinking you’re doing your body a favour by smoking e-cigarettes. And if you’re still not convinced, read up on all the other dangers of smoking here and make up your own mind!

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Are you thinking about getting an e-cigarette to help prevent heart disease? Think again…
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