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Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Here are the symptoms

by , 13 January 2014

Many people live with high blood pressure and don't seek treatment. But not treating your high blood pressure is a sure way to walk down the path that leads to heart disease. Knowing how to tell if you're suffering from high blood pressure will allow you to make changes in your life to get your health under control.

Knowing whether you’re suffering from high blood pressure or not is important. After all, if you have high blood pressure, you need to change it so you’re not putting yourself at risk of heart disease!
Know whether you’re at greater risk of developing high blood pressure
The best way for you to know the state of your health, specifically that of your heart and circulatory system, is to have regular medical check-ups. 
Your lifestyle and genetics could put you at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure. Here’s what causes you to be at greater risk for high blood pressure:
· Family history of high blood pressure or heart disease
· High salt intake in your diet
· Lack of exercise
· Stressful lifestyle
It’s also important to know what it is that you’ll be feeling if your blood pressure is high. 
Knowing the symptoms of high blood pressure could help you seek treatment 
· Severe headache
· Fatigue or confusion
· Vision problems
· Chest pain
· Difficulty breathing
· Irregular heartbeat
· Blood in the urine
· Pounding in your chest, neck, or ears
If you’re in the category of someone with a higher risk of developing high blood pressure, ensure have your blood pressure checked twice a year. 
If you suffer from frequent spells of the above symptoms, consult your doctor immediately. 
Being aware of the state of your health gives you the upper hand in changing irregularities. So become familiar with what your body is trying to telling you by paying attention to how you’re feeling!

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Are you suffering from high blood pressure? Here are the symptoms
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