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Are you diabetic? Younger than 40? Female? Your risk of heart disease just went up by 30%!

by , 26 September 2013

Just because you're young, doesn't mean you don't have health risks. And that's exactly what a recent study that revealed a startling link between premenopausal women with diabetes and heart disease shows…

Warning: Younger women with type II diabetes have a higher risk of heart disease!

That’s the dire warning that came with a new Argentinian health study.

According to the study, regardless of other factors like family history, smoking and weight, “plaque buildup was more common among the 293 women with type 2 diabetes compared with the 963 who didn't have diabetes,” reports sciencedaily.com.

And that means their hearts are in BIG trouble!

While the link between age and these two factors is relatively news, Dr Jonathan Wright, the natural health specialist behind Nutrition & Healing isn’t surprised…

No matter what your gender, diabetes doubles your heart disease risk

For years, he’s been warning his patients about the dire link between diabetes and heart disease. And not because diabetics often struggle with their weight.

Instead, he and a group of Iowa researchers believe “diabetes causes the over-activation of CaMKII, a key enzyme that’s literally destroying your heart’s pacemaker cells.” So it’s no wonder that diabetics have such a high cardiovascular incidents. 

Here’s a great way for diabetics to lower their heart disease risk…

Luckily, you can keep your blood sugar in check and your heart healthy by following the Mediterranean diet, adds cardiosmart.org.

And since this diet consists of eating foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, cereals, fish, seafood, olive oil and wine, protecting your health has never been easier – or yummier.

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Are you diabetic? Younger than 40? Female? Your risk of heart disease just went up by 30%!
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