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Are you a stress eater? Here's one healthy snack you can enjoy without the guilt

by , 13 June 2014

Whether you're racing to meet that deadline at work, are concerned about the car payment this month because you had to buy a new washing machine or you're simply sitting in bumper to bumper traffic everyday… All of these have the potential to leave you feeling a little stressed out!

So what do most of us do? Reach for the sweet or salty snacks because it's the only thing that makes you feel better. But after you've eaten the entire box of chocolate chip cookies, you feel guilty and even more stressed because now you can add “trying to lose weight” to your list of life stressors…

It's a vicious cycle. The more you stress, the bigger impact it has on your health. But stress impacts your heart health the most.

Not only does your eating habits during stress put added pressure on your heart, it's the hormones released when you stress that cause heart problems. But you have the potential to change all this. Simply choose the right type of snacks to eat while you're stressed out.

Read on to discover what snacks are best for your heart and overall health when you're stressed…

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Don’t let stress leave you with heart problems – eat foods that protect your health

Obviously it’s best to control your stress levels, but sometimes it’s impossible to avoid being in a stressful situation. So when you walk right into one of these, have a plan to cope.
Instead of reaching for the bag of trans fat-laden salt and vinegar chips, make sure you have a plan B that’s better for your health and won’t leave you with heart problems.
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Eat dark chocolate to keep heart problems at bay

Dark chocolate is rich in flavonoids, a super antioxidant that protects your heart against inflammation.
The higher the cocoa percentage in the chocolate, the better it is for you.
So reach for a few pieces of dark chocolate to nibble on when you’re feeling stressed and beat potential heart problems without the guilt. 

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Are you a stress eater? Here's one healthy snack you can enjoy without the guilt
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